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While most people run from a burning building, Henry Yanez has spent a career running into them. As a local firefighter and paramedic for 28 years, and State Representative for 5 years, Henry isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues.

Henry is fighting to:

  • Lower taxes for hard working Macomb County families
  • Create jobs by investing in quality education and job training for our kids’ futures.
  • Keep tax dollars local to promote public safety by investing in police, fire, and emergency services
  • Fix our crumbling roads and water systems to keep our Great Lakes clean.
  • Renegotiate trade agreements like NAFTA and end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs out of state.
  • Lowering the cost of auto-insurance
  • Protecting Medicaid
  • Reducing the costs of prescription drugs and healthcare

Sterling Heights
Local 1557

Sterling Heights
Lodge 118

Friday, October 19
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Sterling Heights FOP Hall
37445 Mound Rd
Sterling Hghts., MI 48312

Tickets are $30 ea.
Food and Beverages Provided
Paid for by and make checks payable to:
Henry Yanez for State Senate
P.O. Box 7213
Sterling Heights, MI. 48311
No corporate checks please.

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