In the State House I plan to fight against the attacks on middle class families and their livelihood. I will work to repeal the new taxes on seniors and work to restore the cuts to kids’ education.


The key to bringing good jobs to our state is having an educated workforce, second to none. Our children need to know that education and knowledge is the power that will drive our state’s economic future out of this slump. I will also work to restore the $1.8 million in funding raided from our public schools.  We have a moral responsibility to provide our children with the tools they need to get good paying jobs, so they will remain in Michigan.In 2012, Michigan’s working families, seniors and homeowners will be paying $1.4 billion more in state taxes, while corporate special interests got a $1.8 billion, no-strings-attached tax giveaway. The deduction for children was eliminated, as was the charitable giving deduction. The homestead exemption tax credit was severely cut, and 400,000 taxpayers who once relied on the credit are estimated to no longer be eligible for it. The earned income tax credit was slashed to a fraction of what it once was.Being a public servant and in the community daily I have seen the effects of these Republican tax hike on seniors and families. My top priority in Lansing will be to prevent more tax breaks for big corporations – without the promise of one job – that are paid for on the backs of our seniors and those just trying to provide for their families.

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