Rep. Santana Slams Mailer Against Colleague Henry Yanez


Republican Party tries to invoke racial tensions in campaign because they have nothing left to talk about

STERLING HEIGHTS — State Representative Harvey Santana (D-Detroit) is outraged that the Michigan Republican Party is using an anti-immigrant message against fellow state Rep. Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) in Yanez’s re-election campaign. The mail piece, sent in support of Nick Hawatmeh, claims that Yanez wants to open our borders.

“I am disappointed that the Michigan Republican Party would stoop to an attack piece that carries an undertone of racist scare tactics in order to try to elect one of its candidates,” Santana said. “My Republican colleagues in the Legislature whom I’ve grown to respect would never act in such a fashion which makes this hit piece even more disappointing. Nick Hawatmeh should not condone this sort of attack.”

“If I were Mr. Hawatmeh, I’d be on the phone with Bobby Shostack asking WTF?  Especially considering that Mr. Hawatmeh is of Arab descent. The fact that he has not condemned this mailing demonstrates a huge character flaw in his conscious. This is not the direction the Michigan Republican Party should be headed considering the changing demographics of our country. There will come a time when they will desperately need the votes of the Americans whose relatives they want to continuously disrespect,” Santana continued.

Santana is organizing the Michigan Legislative Hispanic Caucus because it is very likely that the Michigan legislature will see potentially seven Hispanic members enter the chamber next session.  The purpose of the caucus will be to bring people of all backgrounds together to discuss issues from a Hispanic perspective that will improve Michigan’s economy and improve opportunities for everyone including immigration, and mailers such as this one are simply trying to drive people apart.

“The fact that the Michigan Republican Party would go after Representative Yanez on a federal issue instead of state and local issues tells me they have nothing of any substance or relevance to criticize him on so they are using a wedge issue to scare voters,” said Santana. “Cheap, desperate and stale political rhetoric is outdated just like the stone aged mentality of the Michigan Republican party leadership.”


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